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    Opinions Needed dog training books and dvd's

    I have a lab pup that is 3 months old. So far he is doing very well on sit, stay, come, and kennel. I would like to make a good hunting dog out of him, and it has been many many years since I trained my last lab. What books or dvd's do you recommend? Also if anyone is looking to sell some, I am in the market.

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    I joined a Dog Train DVD rental club.....something like Netflex. Something like Dog Pow Wow was the name. They had a Lardy and Evan Graham DVD's available. I think it was like $14.99 per month.

    Very cheap way to go.


      check out the fowl dawgs dvd series. I am about to start on it with my pup and have watched it a few times. It lays things out very simple and several people I know have had great luck with it.


        Mike Lardy's Total Retriever Training and Total Retriever Collar Conditioning. Hands down the best, made by the best.


          Any book by Bill Tarrant. Gun Dog Training groomed the best hunting dog I ever had, and has helped me deal with all our others.

          I'm editing this post to add that Bill Tarrant was a long time gun dog editor for Field and Stream magazine. Read his bio, and his philosophy regarding training. The man was decades ahead of his time.
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