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Nebraska Big Buck Classic in 2015?

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    Question: Nebraska Big Buck Classic in 2015?

    The big buck classic or buck n bird classic or whatever they are calling it now..........Did this show finally take a dump? I feared it would soon with as little interest that was generated over it the last couple of years.

    I can't find any dates for 2015 and their website is currently down or permanently down? The century link has no mention of it on their calendar. Also, their used to be a little shack in downtown Papillion with a big buck classic billboard and a place I assumed they operated out of, that is no longer also.
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    The first year they had it the show was just o.k. and it went downhill from there. Last few years it digressed into a mediocre trade show. J&J Hunting Productions out of Papillion is who runs it. You can google them for contact info.
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      I emailed them. They said the 2015 show will be announced the end of September.