From the NEFGA.ORG News Release Forum:

LINCOLN - The Nebraska Game and Parks Board of Commissioners will consider recommendations for the 2014 waterfowl and crow hunting seasons at a meeting Aug. 29 in Grand Island.

The meeting is at 8 a.m. at the Fairfield Inn and Suites, 805 Allen Drive. The public hearing for waterfowl and crow recommendations begins at 8:30 a.m.

Recommendations for 2014 waterfowl and crow are:
Duck and Coot - Zone 1: Oct. 11-Dec. 23; Zone 2: Oct. 4-Dec. 16 in Low Plains and Oct.4-Dec. 16 and Jan. 4-25 in High Plains; Zone 3: Oct. 22-Jan. 3 in Low Plains and Oct. 22-Jan. 3 and Jan. 4-25 in High Plains; Zone 4: Oct. 4-Dec. 16; Daily Bag Limit: six (with restrictions); Daily Possession Limit: 18

Youth - Zone 1: Oct. 4-5; Zone 2: Sept. 27-28; Zone 3: Oct. 18-19; Zone 4: Sept. 27-28; Daily Bag and Possession Limits: Same as duck

Dark Goose
- East Unit: Oct. 27-Feb.8; North Central Unit: Oct. 4-Jan. 16; Platte River Unit: Oct. 27-Feb.8; Panhandle Unit: Oct. 27-Feb.8; Niobrara Unit: Oct. 27-Feb.8; Daily Bag Limit: five; Possession Limit: 15

White-fronted Goose
- Statewide: Oct. 4-Dec. 12 and Jan. 31-Feb. 1; Daily Bag Limit: two in Oct.-Dec. and one in Jan.-Feb.; Possession Limit: six in Oct.-Dec. and three in Jan.-Feb.

Light Goose - Statewide: Oct. 4-Dec. 31 and Jan. 24-Feb. 8; Daily Bag Limit: 50; Possession Limit: None

Light Goose Conservation Order
- Rainwater Basin Zone: Feb. 9-April 5; Prairie Zone: Feb. 9-April 5; Daily Bag and Possession Limits: None

- Statewide: Oct. 1-Nov. 15 and Jan. 20-April 6; Special Public Health Hazard: Nov. 16-Jan. 19

Falconry - Concurrent with teal, youth and duck season dates, as well as: Zone 1: Feb. 25-March 10; Zone 2: Feb. 25-March 10 in Low Plains and Oct.4-Dec. 16 and Jan. 4-25 in High Plains; Zone 3: Feb. 25-March 10 in Low Plains and Oct. 22-Jan. 3 and Jan. 4-25 in High Plains; Zone 4: Feb. 25-March 10

Recommended changes in daily bag limits include increasing the light goose regular season limit from 20 to 50 and the scaup limit from two to three, and decreasing the canvasback limit from two to one.

Early teal season dates were set in July. The season is Sept. 6-21 in the Low Plains and Sept. 6-14 in the High Plains.

The Commissioners also will consider:
-- an amendment that would make it more convenient to bone out and compactly transport two halves of the breast of a harvested turkey.

-- a recommendation to approve the operating and capital improvement budget request for fiscal years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

-- a recommendation to approve a cooperative agreement for Arbor Lodge State Historical Park with the Arbor Day Foundation.

-- a recommendation to allow hunting in some state parks and state historical parks.
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