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Doves & Eastern Grouse Combo!

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    Doves & Eastern Grouse Combo!

    fish_hedd came down my way for a combo hunt this morning. We hunted doves in a cut silage field and were done with a 2-man limit in an hour. Dove diving in from all over the place. We saw several hundred doves using the field. Many groups from 10-20 birds flying into the field. Went out and fish_hedd got his yearly limit of chickens. By 10:45 we had 33 birds in the bag total. Great morning and a great way to spend time with a good friend.

    The one and only fish_hedd!
    That fish was on that fly, faster than Oprah on a sweet roll! Tim Hebbard
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    and a great way to break in the new bedliner, by covering it with road dust, feathers, and bird blood! Thanks again, Evan -- had a great time!
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      Nice haul!
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        Bacon is on sale at Hy-Vee.

        Just sayin. I would need some if I had that pile.

        Strong work guys.
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