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Tenpoint Stealth XLT "review"

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    Tenpoint Stealth XLT "review"

    Thought this might be useful for some of you looking to try you hand at crossbows during the archery season this year.

    I finally got out Friday and shot my new Stealth. Overall I am VERY pleased. Quiet and extremely accurate. Grandpa and I were out shooting it, the pics below are one arrow mine, one arrow his in each target. Gramps had never shot a bow in his life until he shot this thing and was bullseyeing them pretty much immidately. Thats one thing I love about crossbows. Simple to use, next to no practice required.

    30 yard shot

    40 yard shot

    50 yard shot

    Wind was blowing a little or I think the accuracy would have been better. Either way, I was more than satisfied. One snafu was the rope on my acu-draw 50 will not retract all the way now. Not sure what is up with that, just a few inches left out, may just need a simple adjustment. I'll check when I have more time.

    We shot at 20, but I forgot to take a pic. I love that new scope on the Ten Point Series. Dots for 20, 30 , 40, and 50 yds. Dialed it in on the 20 yd dot and we were done. All the other dots were right where they were supposed to be. Boom, boom, boom. NICE! Simple. 30 yards or less dead deer everytime, can't wait till Sept. 15th!!

    Also that scope has an adjustable reticle, just turn the dial to your crossbows speed and the reticles line up at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yds. Really slick. Did I mention I'm stoked about archery season! Both states I whitetail in are now crossbow legal!! (OK and NE)

    I shot it for the second time today to really get it dialed in before season. I shot it from 20-50 yards until I was satisfied. Just for fun I moved it out to 60 yards, to see what it would do. Here are the results. Pretty good I thought. The wind was blowing a little from right to left, thus the drift.


      Pricey arent they? My friend bought a ten point a couple years ago set him back well over a grand. I will tell you im a believer in you get what you pay for though.


        Like Leupold scopes TenPoint's range in price from $400 to $2000. Cool thing is, just like a Leupold, doesn't matter which one you buy they are all made in the US and carry a lifetime warranty.

        The Stealth XLT costs $1100


          My dad is thinking of getting a crossbow. What you suggest to start with?



            That all depends on how much he wants to spend really. Assuming he would like to ease into it I have been reccomending the Wicked Ridge Invader to most newbies. Great bow, made by TenPoint, so you get the same US made lifetime warranty bow that you do with the TenPoint series. You can get the package deal with quiver, scope, and stock integrated rope cocker for $550. (actually bass pro has them on sale for $499 in store right now, the one in council bluffs is out, but you might be able to order one).

            If he doesn't mind spending a little more you can move up the scale. Basically the more you spend, the more features you get and the bows tend to be quieter with those features. Such as the Turbo XLT, just below the Stealth. Costs $900 for the package deal and is very compact, lightweight, queit, and has the full thumbhole stock which I find more comfortable.


              you've got some serious depth on those arrows. Nice shooting.


                Should have mentioned I was shooting a regular bow target not a crossbow target. Thus the amount of penetration I got. Regular bow targets will stop a bolt just fine, but they are harder to pull out with one, cuz they bury so deep. Crossbow target just stops them before they get that deep.


                  Originally posted by Joholste View Post
                  you've got some serious depth on those arrows. Nice shooting.

                  Another "myth" about cross bows is that they hit harder , go faster and penetrate deeper then a regular bow.

                  That may or may not be the case. Most cross bows ( advertised) are flinging bolts between 300-350 FPS . Most hunting bows ( advertised) are doing 300-330.So if you take the apples to apples advertised speeds penetration is basically no different. A 400 grain arrow or bolt doing 300FPS has the exact same kinetic energy.

                  However the cross bow will be consistent in that kinetic energy despite the shooter. Bows with shorter draw lengths will generate slower speeds then what is advertised and less KE then the cross bow.

                  Since all manufactures target butts are designed to stop arrows at the highest rated advertised speeds in theory you would not need special equipment to stop a cross bow bolt with one exception. Arrows at the upper ends of the advertised speeds are around 29" long. Bolts are around 22". Without that extra 7" bolts can bury to the fletch.

                  I'm a little partial to Excalibur bows . They are shooting the same speeds then the Ten Points however those speeds are generated with a 60 grain lighter arrow ( 350 grains) as compared to the 410-420 I THINK the 10 points are being rated a?. Regular bows are are rated at 350 grains. The Excalibur's have a wider profiles as the limbs are longer. However the big PLUS I see is there is no cam timing and any maintenance can be done without a press. You bust a string you simply go put another one on. You can do this in the field if required. For me effective and simple wins out eveytime. However 10 point does have a recurve line of bows as well.
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                    You are correct about the crossbow myth and the amount of penetration. Xbow targets are only more dense to stop the arrow sooner.

                    Quality compound crossbows are just as dependable as any compound vertical bow. Maintenance is no more of an issue than it would be with a vertical compound. Buy a cheap compound crossbow, watchout!! If your paying $500 for a crossbow that shoots 350-400 fps, I'm talkin to you. You get what you pay for, and this could not be more true than with a crossbow. Lots of energy and strees on that bow, much more than your average vertical bow. IMO, the only two compound crossbows worth buying are TenPoint and Parker.

                    Yes TenPoint makes recurve crossbows. IMO, if you really wanna a recurve buy an Excalibur. TenPoint's bread and butter is compound and they do them well. Nothing wrong with TenPoint's recurves, but Excalibur definetly has the art of them down.