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    Question: Bow Hunting

    I am a novice bow hunter and missed probably the biggest deer I've had a chance to shoot. I have always rifle hunted but recently took up bow hunting and am loving it. I probably shouldn't have taken the shot I did, I went right over his back. I think he got spooked during me drawing back. I just had a couple of questions for the pros.

    1) If I feel comfortable shooting 40-45 at the archery range is that a decent distance to shoot? Is it irresponsible to shoot that far? He was right at 40 yards this morning when I shot.

    2) When missing a buck like that will he fall back into his tendencies right away or will he get spooked from the area?

    3) I am shooting rage 2 blade broadheads. I am thinking of just going what most people use and shooting a regular 100 grain muzzy.


    4) When do you draw back when you have multiple deer in the area? Do you ever shoot while sitting? I stood up without any deer noticing it was the draw back that seemed to get their attention. Probably just sloppy hunting on my part.

    Thanks for all your help and good luck to everyone this year.

    Tuff luck, it happens though, don't loose any sleep over it, there will be more.

    My definition of effective range is;"however far you can shoot a paper plate, 8 out of 10 times, with the two misses being "dang" close to touching the plate".

    This summer I could do that out to 60 yards but wouldn't shoot at a deer that far. That is 180ft. For an arrow traveling at 300fps (which is pretty quick), that is almost 1/2 a second of reaction time for a deer. Which may not seem like much, but if the deer knows somethings up, he can drop pretty far in 1/2 a second, enough to miss over his back anyway.

    Many people do shoot muzzy's, but not everyone. I shoot rages, 3 bladers. But one of the most vicious holes I have ever seen in a deer with any weapon was with a 2 bladed rage. If it isn't working out for you, then yes change it. But don't be changing your whole setup because of one miss that was a marginal shot anyway.

    My advice, shoot a few does that are within easy range, chip shots. Build your confidence in the equipment, examine the trauma from the broadheads, and basically "practice" on some does in the early season. So next time the big one comes by, you have a few under your belt. M_S_cheers2:
    "Lord, suffer me a buck so large that even I, in talking of it afterward, have no need to lie."


      Don't get too down on yourself about it. There's not a single bowhunter that hasn't blown an opportunity at a good animal.

      40 yards is right on the edge of my maximum range I feel comfortable shooting at an animal, but on the range I feel comfortable out to 60 yards.
      Is it duck season yet?

      "Look, a pair of singles!"


        1st of all, no one on here is a "pro", we all just enjoy to hunt as much as the next person...but to your questions

        1) depends...have you shot any deer with bow yet? 40 yards isnt really all that far, but I can guarantee you 40yards would have felt like a football field on one of my first archery deer. ive probably shot 15 deer (does included)....yes some people on here have probably shot 50, but Id say 15 is a good representation, and my longest shot has been 37 yards, shortest 2, and probably an average somewhere around 18 yards. Not saying you cant shoot a deer that far as a beginner...but just remember those fundamentals when shooting..sometimes its easy to completely doof a shot when looking at a big rack.

        2) absolutely depends on the deer and how spooked he was. If he was a mature deer, then odds are he learned his lesson (or at least thinks he did). he may go more nocturnal, might bug out of the area for awhile, or might walk the same path tomorrow morning...thats a big question mark.

        3) Ive shot the 3blade muzzys, I shoot the rage 2 blades now, and I can guarantee you...the broadhead isnt what missed the deer. But you need to shoot what you have confidence in. I have confidence in the rages flying straighter and creating at least twice the lethal damage..but thats my opinion.

        4) I draw back when I feel none of the deer, or the least close deer are paying attention to my direction...this can be difficult...but those stinking does can bust you if youre not careful. Drawing at the right time is an art in itself. Have I ever shot while sitting? No, but there isnt any reason why you cant. I try and stand when I see any deer, even if its a yearling. Rather be up and ready than be pinned down when that big deer steps out all of a sudden.

        dont get too down on yourself. just try and take as ethical of shots as you can. thats what makes archery cant just blaze them from any direction...Ive had big deer close to me and had to let them walk from 5 yards...Its gonna happen!
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