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    Pictures For fans of Elk

    "...Fall is not the only time I photograph these awesome creatures. . . I often photograph them above timberline in the middle of the summer with their slicked out coats and while the bulls still retain the velvet with which their antlers are covered. Situated against the towering peaks of the Rockies or in fields of wildflowers they are indeed majestic . . . but in my opinion, there is nothing more striking than capturing images of them during the rut. The rut is a time of non-stop action, the bulls competing with each other, sometimes physically, for the right to breed and add their DNA to the gene pool. ..."

    From Michael Mauro's blog here: Rocky Mountain National Park – Photographing the Annual Elk Rut
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    That's an awesome picture!

    Bowhunting elk during the rut is my dream hunt.
    Is it duck season yet?

    "Look, a pair of singles!"