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    Question: Old Gun Barrels

    I've got a friend shooting an old Remington 11-'48 shotgun. I'm trying to get him to go out for waterfowl with me but the gun is full choked and since its from '48 we decided shooting steel out of it was a bad idea. I said buy another gun for the ducks but he doesn't have the cash flow for that right now since we are both broke college students.

    Anyone have any ideas on what non-toxic shot to get?
    Or even where to find a second barrel that would work on this old gun?

    ENVIRON-Metal, Inc. Introduces HEVI-Shot® Classic Doubles

    Not cheap though.

    Kent Matrix also should work on an older gun.


      Yeah I have looked at those brands. I'm thinking some kind of tungsten-bismuth mix will probably work best.

      I would say just go with the steel shot if it wasn't full choke because as long as you aren't just going crazy with how many shots you take take it should keep the damage minimal.


        I purchased a 30" barrel for my 70's 1100 Mag from the Bargain Barn at Cabela's. Three choke tubes were included.

        I believe I paid under $200.00. It won't take long to buy a barrel at the cost of the "optional" shells!

        Not to mention, your hunting partners will be much more comfortable!

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          Do NOT shoot steel out of that gun unless you or your friend want to ruin it. The steel does not flatten out like lead does and will cause a "swelling" or "ballooning" of the barrel.

          You can shoot the "soft" non-toxic shot such as bismuth or tungsten matrix, but the cost of these shells is pretty high. Other than buying a new barrel, if your friend is willing he can get that barrel opened up to shoot modern steel loads for about $60-70. I'm not sure if any gunsmith can do this type of work. If you decide to go this route, I can provide you with a gunsmith in Lincoln who can take care of it.
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