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Dove Hunters.... won't be long now

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    Originally posted by scotcl View Post
    Visited family in North Central Kansas for the annual dove hunt. Wasn't disappointed once again. 5 man limit in the afternoon hunting around a water hole with dead trees that was surrounded by harvested wheat fields. I think we could have been done sooner if we had done similar to what nebgooshunter had mentioned by sitting in the middle of the wheat fields. Most of their terraces had water standing in them still. So, not as many hit the pond. But you had a steady flow from one field to the next. There were times that you'd have a swarm of 20 or more come flying by. Sooo hard to remember to pick out just one to aim at. I should probably ask my 14 year old how his shoulder is today after 4.5 boxes for his limit.

    I am sure he had a blast! Unfortunately our normal spots in north central ks were not very good this year. I was the only one to shoot a limit and that was only one out of 3 days.


      Took my oldest son with me yesterday morning. Shot a limit in about an hour and a half. Still a lot of birds but they will probably be pulling out next few day.


        Sometimes the best trips aren't about how many you shoot... This was a good day and one happy 10 year old who finally connected on a dove in flight.


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          Tell him congrats and way to go!!

        Has any one have some major success mind sharing/ trading some meat for us to make dove pot pie for Thanksgiving this year? There are absolutely none to be found where we went..