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    Opinions Needed Small Watefowl Club/Groups

    I hunt a lot of public ground and I also have some private ground that I hunt throughout the year. However, once things start to freeze up our spots become pretty slow. I'm curious if anyone knows of a small group/club that one could look at possibly joining for next season? I'm not interested in a big club where no-one knows who shot what bird etc... Just looking for another place to possibly hunt throughout the year. My schedule is flexible so most of my weekday hunts require doing all the set-up, hunting, and tear-down myself. I don't mind it it most of the time but would be nice to have a spot a little more convenient for those days where you can hunt the morning but need to be in the office that afternoon. Maybe something like this doesn't exist but just thought I'd check. I live in Omaha so looking for something within an hour. Thanks in advance for any feedback! Feel free to PM me as well.
    2014/15 Hunt Total: 141 Doves, 72 Ducks, 38 Canada Geese, 10 Snow Geese.