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Nebraska Shotgun Season.

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    As of 0950 this morning there has been a total of 7164 muzzleloader permits sold for the 2018 season.


      If you don't have private land access your options are extremely limited.

      By the time you get to December there's a better chance of seeing a polar bear on NE public land than a deer.

      Low numbers of deer left on public land.

      Extremely jumpy/educated deer

      Poor weather

      = Reduced ability to show off on social media

      = Decreased muzzleloader participation
      Peace and Love


        If it is about money bring back the $10 Mountain Lion Permit. I bought one just to make sure I didn't see one !


          I haven't bought a muzzleloader tag since my area became a MDCA. I usually end up hunting more with my muzzleloader than rifle most years. Next time I don't draw the MDCA tag I will buy one.

          I'm sure I'm not the only one, so this has to pull numbers for muzzleloader permits down some.

          And most years if I can't find a nice mule deer buck I hunt public ground for a whitetail to find the tag. I've had enough success the last week of season doing so that I'd say the notion you can't find deer on public during December is completely false. You have to hunt them differently, but it can be done consistently.


            I have not purchased a mz tag in years. My unit I hunt for rifle is seeing high numbers of deer and my group get 5-8 during rifle season, there is no reason to hunt as we get enough meat in November. Weather in December is usually more bad than good, keeps me home


              One change I wouldn't mind seeing is a "Primitive" weapons tag. Essentially combining archery and muzzloader into one tag. Tag would be good for either season, and the general regs would apply (statewide any deer for archery, and statewide any deer except MD in the MDCA). Harvest rates are historically about the same between the two, and it would give hunters one more tag option (if I don't fill my archery tag, I can break out the muzzleloader in December). I'd gladly pay $60 for this type of tag.