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Annual Muzzleloader Trip

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    Annual Muzzleloader Trip

    Some of you know that I've been heading to Nebraska from Wyoming for a muzzleloader hunt every December. I'd been fortunate enough to fill my tag every year on public land. This year, I finally didn't fill my tag. Those of you who want to stop reading there can do so hahaha.

    I could've killed does and a handful of 1 1/2 year old deer but chose not to. I pushed this trip back two weeks so my girlfriend could go and with it came warmer weather. I only had one opportunity at a mature buck and chose to pass the shot at 213 yards. He was a 3 1/2 year old buck, probably in the 110" range. It's a shot a probably would've forced in my younger years. Also shooting a 1 1/2 year old buck is something I would've done in years previous and would've definitely done on the last day of my trip in years prior. I had a small buck present me with a perfect shot at 60
    yards on the final morning of my hunt almost as if it was "if you want to fill your tag, here it is!"

    In closing, I can't say I saw anymore or any less people this year than any other years. I also think I saw more does this year but definitely didn't have the opportunity at mature bucks I'd had years prior. Usually I squander a few before getting my chance. This year wasn't the case. Already looking forward to next year!

    Great article and as I always day you don't have to kill something just to make it a good hunt. Welcome back anytime and enjoy your Nebraska hunts.