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    Originally posted by nebgoosehunter View Post
    I got out yesterday afternoon looking for a turkey to shoot. County roads were a mess but I made it along ok. Popped over a hill and saw a big group feeding in a wheat field about 100 yards off a shelter belt. I quickly backed up and parked on one end of the belt and high tailed it to the other end of the belt to set up hoping they would feed towards me. Sure enough they did and once they got within 150 yards they really started responding well to my calling. There were 18 birds in the group and it looked like only 1 tom and the rest jakes and hens. The whole time they were coming I could see the tom was in the back but once they got within 100 yards they went behind a little rise but they would still see my decoys. The tom must have not liked my jake with two hens because he was the first bird to show up and he was in full strut. Let him have it, and then the jakes came and beat him up as he flopped around. I've seen that on shows many times but that was the first time it's happened to me. Pretty funny to watch. He wasn't very big with only a 6" beard, but he was still beautiful and wasn't getting a pass.
    That's pretty cool when you get to see something like that happen in person that you normally just see on hunting shows. Good work!


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ID:	1199390 I hunted the Wyoming black hills and tagged out early opening morning so headed for Nebraska where I had already purchased a tag. Roosted some public land birds Saturday night. Luckily two different groups.

      It was 10 degrees Sunday morning and I watched my "plan A" birds sit in the tree until 9:15! The bitter cold must have kept them up there. Very weird....and miserable as I had in every piece of clothing I brought. After fly down they sailed a half mile dead away from me. I couldn't find them so I went towards plan B.

      Nobody had been there! Sweet!!!! I worked my way in calling sparingly and actually saw birds before I heard them but a hen was answering me. I slipped in where they had been as they loafed off. Two series of real soft yelps brought this guy and a buddy into range. His buddy was strutting, whereas he came to within 40 yards so he got the hammer!
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        I was able to get my daughter out Thursday after school before the weather turned bad. We had a hen come in first strutting around our hen decoy. 15 minutes after she lost interest this big guy charged in and beat up our Jake decoy. She dropped him at 18 yards. We managed to get it on video. I thought he felt exceptionally heavy so I decided to weigh him. He tipped the scale at 24.8 lbs.


          I was able to make it out opening day of shotgun season! It was a balmy 35 degrees with mist in the air. I watched this guy for 50 minutes before I could get a shot at him! Darn deer almost ruined the hunt at 40 yards. Good thing he was more worried about his hens walking off.
          We should be enjoying the outdoors!!!