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    Refuge Ice & Access

    I am wondering from any of you who are up in the area of the Refuge near Valentine if:

    a) there is still ice post-blizzard?


    b) if there is, which lakes are more accessible for those of us without 4-wheel drive vehicles?

    I can tell from road cameras that the roads leading up to that area should be fine by Saturday, but wondering if any of the roadways/paths around the refuge are plowed or not.

    Thinking about bringing my spud bar up that way for one last go on Saturday...



    This won't be much of a report but here is what little I know. 50 miles SW of the V. Refuge we received around 2 inches of rain along with snow melt before the the blizzard. Our snow total was 7 -10" but radar look like the Refuge probably didn't get that much. I am guessing refuge personnel will be out and about checking water levels which would give you a track. By the looks of our lakes around here the ice held but it might be difficult to access due to runoff. Snow has crusted over open water areas and we are at 18 degrees now so I'm guessing a person could access the ice in the mornings. Might be wet getting off the ice depending on how much the edges melt during the day.


      Thank you!

      Not sure if I’lol end up being able to go, but it’s beautiful country even if I can’t get on the ice. Appreciate the info!


        NateWC Were you able to get up there and get out on the ice? I was wondering if there would still be fishable ice there or not? Hope you did well if you made it!


          I did not end up heading out there after all - the way home would have been "interesting" to say the least with the flooding happening on the east side of the state.

          I read on the Merritt Trading Post's FB page that some "local anglers" made it out on Merritt and found 18" where they were, but no updates on the Refuge conditions.


            One of my sons ice fished Dewey on the 16th. 2 ft. of ice, top 1/3 was soft. Ice was still riding high and shaved with the auger. No visible open water from the middle ramp. Temps have been below freezing at night but that will change later this week. Roads were sloppy. Be safe.