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    Originally posted by bradh View Post
    Looks simple. Some pics with the hair pulled back would help. I could make these easy enough and send them on with the extra treble hooks.
    Are you in Omaha, Brad? The construction of them is really very easy. The hooks aren't dressed, they're bare. The shaft is what is dressed, which is only part of what I like about Eagle Tails.
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      Originally posted by Hooligan View Post
      Are you in Omaha, Brad? The construction of them is really very easy. The hooks aren't dressed, they're bare. The shaft is what is dressed, which is only part of what I like about Eagle Tails.
      I'm in Columbus. I see how the first bare hook goes on the split ring. Is there another split ring connecting the rear hook? I could make a wire shaft with a loop on each end dressed in the middle. I would connect it to the same split ring the forward bare hook goes on. The rear hook would then be connected to the dressed wire shaft with another split ring or the rear hook could be run through the rear loop omitting the split ring. The only problem I see with that is if the rear hook was cut or damaged you would end up putting a split ring through the loop to attach a replacement hook anyway. Let me know what you think. I'll see if I can make up a few and take them for a test drive Sunday if I go fishing again. I'm thinking around a 4/0 to 6/0 pair of single hooks. Thoughts?

      In regards to hook size on treble hooks these are my observations, all made on pike. A small hook (like on a mepps piker) has a tendency to come out of the fishes mouth if the line goes slack. This was handy a few times when as soon as they got in the net they were off the hook however I lost a few fish boatside while they were thrashing in the water. Small hooks also have a tendency to end up deeper in the gullet than I like to see therefore increasing the chances of mortality after release. When I started using bucktails with 3/0 on smaller and 4/0 on medium to large spinners I wasn't loosing fish boatside and they were not hooked too deep. An 18" pike has no problem with a 4/0 hook so I'm not worried about going too big. Anyone else make similar observations? My experience is limited. I like input.


        This is how I build my bucktails:
        Wire Shaft with loop at rear. On that rear loop goes a split ring with a 4/0 Single Siwash. Instead of dressing the shaft, I dress small brass tubes, you can typically find them at a hobby store, I get mine at ☠☠☠☠ Blicks. You can also use aluminum throttle cable (this works very well, too, have started using it more and more.) When you've added your dressing to the tube/cable slide that over the shaft. Ahead of that goes a single 1/4" hollow bead. Then comes another split ring and single siwash. Another 1/4" bead follows along with the body. I like Hex as opposed to round, but it's your choice. After the body, depending on weight, and what blade I'm using, I add up to 7/32" solid beads. Then your front loop. I carry extra shafts when I'm fishing, if you have to cut hooks, or you bend a shaft, it's easy to rebuild a tail in no time flat.

        Edit: A 4/0 Open eye Siwash will slip over an .060 shaft, which allows you to omit the rear slit ring. I've tried both with and without, and more and more find myself going without that rear split ring. I have better hook-ups and fewer "thrown" hooks. It seems like it allows less leverage without that extra joint.
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        "If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you're doing something wrong." John Gierach



          Now I'm tracking. For that setup it would really be better to build another lure. I can come up with something similar for the existing lure to send on in case Teeg or anyone else wants to swap hook styles.


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              Pretty cool thing you have going here, Brad.

              I'll be fishing the Iowa great lakes the first week of August so if the magic lure's available then I'd be happy to see how it works there. Should be some pike or 'skies interested in having their picture taken with it in their mouths.

              Let me know what I need to do.

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                Originally posted by gn83tm View Post
                Let me know what I need to do.
                buglem has the bucktail right now and is taking it out this weekend. He is handing it off to UKcat from there. Just post to the thread when you want it. It's pretty much up to whoever has the lure to get it handed off to the next user.


                  anyone want to try my special lure? catches only the baddest of fish...

                  [IMG]*P3r 8btY9hZQa2FNtufl1meJeeewM6XDFWnYRra4vqooRbju7j/rdcLILcu.jpg[/IMG]
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                    I would love to give it a whirl. I am fishing for Muskies in Minnesota next week!! I would love to boat a nice 45-50" fish on it!!
                    To catch list:
                    Long-nose Gar
                    Short-nose Gar
                    Shovelnose Sturgeon
                    Wiper (believe it or
                    Rainbow Trout
                    Steelhead Trout
                    Cutthroat Trout

                    These are the major game fish of Nebraska that I have yet to catch in my lifetime.


                      Ok, here is the trip report from my day at Goose Lake with the traveling bucktail. First off, thanks to Brad for letting me use it! It runs like a champ and I think it's a great idea.

                      Justin and I got to Goose Lake at about noon on Saturday. Waited out a thunderstorm (that never really materialized) for about an hour, then hit the water. The aquatic vegetation was pretty high at the lake. Made it tough to throw the bucktail in a lot of places I would have liked. However, it did make for some good topwater action! The bass and pike loved the topwater frogs we were throwing. The bass in there are FAT. I've never seen bass so thick and deep! Biggest was about 16".

                      Me with a bass:

                      Justin with a pike:

                      After a couple hours, Justin's wife Tracy and my wife Cindy joined us. The topwater action continued, both of them scoring bass.

                      Cindy with a bass

                      Another bass

                      Bass lovin'!!!

                      Tracy with her bass

                      After catching several bass on topwater, I finally found some holes to throw the bucktail. As Brad said, it rides nice and high in the water. Very helpful attribute when dealing with the vegetation.

                      The bucktail strikes!


                      And again!

                      Didn't hook into anything big but it was a beautiful day and we had a great time! Thanks again Brad for making the bucktail and coming up with a great idea!

                      Last picture - I told you the aquatic vegetation was thick!
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                        Awesome. Those little pike are savages!


                          Nice catch, Buglem.

                          I'm out of town with work through Thursday, possibly not back until Friday. If you want to hand the bucktail off to someone else so it doesn't lay around waiting on me, I understand.

                          Either way, your choice. I just want my shot at hooking into something with the Big Orange Crusher very soon!!!

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                            Originally posted by UKcat View Post
                            Big Orange Crusher!
                            I think it just got a name!


                              My dad and I are going to cottonmill in 2 weeks on the 24th and 25th, if possible I'd try out the lure! but if someone else asked for it first cool, im not very mobile as I can't drive but maybe we can work something out otherwise don't worry about it.
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                                I went out last night during the rain storms that passed through Omaha and tried The Orange Crusher out on some bass. Never found any big ones, but caught four with the biggest going around 14-15 inches.

                                I caught the first right at dusk, and all the others came after dark. They simply crushed the bait, but I found that most of them were hooked in the outside of the lip or side of the head. My theory is that they were actually striking at the blade, since it was pitch dark with the heavy cloud cover and no moon. I could actually feel the blade turning if I loaded the rod good and then slowed it down to a crawl along the bottom.

                                Here's a couple of pics from last night. Sorry for the bad pose on the first one, but I got some kid who was fishing near me to snap the photo, and I'm not sure this wasn't his first attempt at using a camera. He snapped it before I got a chance to hold the fish appropriately and put my "pretty" face on for the photo...

                                So, we've determined that the The Orange Crusher will catch pike and bass. Maybe we should see if it will scare up a Wagontrain muskie. Darkarcher, you ready?

                                My greatest fear is that when I die, my wife will sell all my fishing equipment for what I told her I paid for it.