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Father's Day Fishing

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    Report Father's Day Fishing

    Sunday, I got to spend some time fishing with the kiddos in between rain storms and bug buffets.

    As soon as we get to the lake and shut the vehicle off, the 6 year-old is on a dead sprint to the water's edge, rod in hand. He gets his lure on and casts as the rest of us get there. I set the rest of the gear down and as I look up, his line is moving sideways and drag is screaming.

    Back and forth we go, reeling line in, line screaming back out. On his 6-lb line and light rod he was almost spooled twice, but we managed to run up and down the back fast enough to keep him on. The fish goes on one final run and buries himself in some weeds about 20' offshore. We couldn't horse him out so we waited him out for a bit and gave him just enough slack to keep moving. Fortunately, he got out and we got him netted.

    Exactly 30" channel catfish. High fives and hollers ensue from the entire family! Daniel wanted his extended family to see it so we kept the fish in the net while they made a caravan to see the fish.

    After showing everyone and having a selective harvest lesson, the kids got to learn about how to release a fish. It took about a minute for the fish to get its strength back, but when it did, it had an attitude. A splash to the face and the fish was off to deeper water. My hope is that we cross paths again! The MA application is in the mail! I have a suspicion that this won't be the last one!

    Fishing trips aren't measured in pounds and inches; they're measured in smiles, laughter, and memories with friends and family.

    Nice job!


      That is awesome, congratulations!


        Good job dad!


          Great fish! Good way to start any day-now we just have to work on the little guy's T-shirt



            !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

            CONGRATS to Daniel on his GREAT BIG MASTER ANGLER Catfish!!!!! That will be the first of many giant fish for him. Good job Dad on getting the kids out and teaching them some important lessons. GOOD LUCK to all of you for the rest of the fishing season.


              With the exception of the Red Sox shirt. . . .

              WELL DONE Daniel AND Dad!!!!!!!

              Daryl B.
              Daryl Bauer
              Fisheries Outreach Program Manager
              Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
              [email protected]


                Awesome job!!


                  You Guys are Awesome parents! Happy Fathers Day!


                    Great way to spend a day and congrats on a great fish!


                      Nice cat!! Good job!!
                      Become the change in the world that you seek.


                        Your Father's Day was special. A trip that will literally never be forgotten.