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    Originally posted by hskrfan7 View Post
    Even if it subtracts 1 inch, its still 3 inches longer than the current leader. Still doesn't make any sense. Alot of anglers will never catch a crappie that large in their lives.
    If that fish goes down to 18 inches with a closed mouth, it will matter to the next guy with a 19 inch fish.


      Originally posted by Admin View Post
      Now introducing NEFGA’s “CATCH OF THE YEAR” C&R big fish board!

      We have created a website specifically designed for YOU to submit your biggest fish and have it recognized as a NEFGA record fish! You can get to the website by using the new 'Catch of the Year' link in the Forum Navigation Bar, or by following this website link:

      We will be running this program for the remainder of 2019. If all goes well, we will start over fresh in 2020. At the end of the year we will be giving out special badges for each of our record holding members to display under their forum names.

      In order to be eligible for recognition, you must follow these rules...
      1. Fish must be taken by hook and line from Nebraska waters. Fish caught on banklines are not eligible. Fish must be hooked, played and landed by the applicant.
      2. The fish MUST be released alive in the same body of water where it was caught.
      3. Fish must be measured on a rigid "store bought" measuring device, clearly showing 1/4 inch increments. (i.e. Stanley extending tape measure, yard stick, bump board). Keep measuring devices straight with no bends or twists. No homemade measuring devices will be accepted.
      4. A minimum of two pictures are required. One picture of the fish’s length, and a second picture of you with the fish. Additional pictures may be required to clearly show the length of the fish if it's too long for one photo (see example below)
      5. The pictures must clearly identify the species of fish, the length measurements, and the angler. Additional pictures may be required for hybrids or fish not as easily identifiable by color patterns alone (i.e. tooth patches, fins, tails, etc.)
      6. The mouth of the fish should be shut, or it may not be considered, unless the mouth is on the underside of the fish
        (i.e. Catfish, Sucker, Sturgeon).
      7. New records must beat the current record by 1/4 inch.
      8. We will not accept applications for Pallid Sturgeon, Lake Sturgeon, or Paddlefish.
      9. NEFGA staff will be reviewing submissions. Applications will be rejected if there is any uncertainty of fish identification or length. TAKE GOOD PICTURES!
      10. Fish may not be entered if caught prior to 4/15/2019.
      Suggestions for good measurements:
      1. Keep the fish’s head on your left and tail on your right with the belly towards you.
      2. Measure the total length from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail, with lobes of tail squeezed together.
      3. Shovelnose Sturgeon must be measured from the tip of the snout, to the natural fork in the tail.
      4. Bump Boards are the preferred method of measuring but not required.

      Example of fish on a bump board:

      Example of using a tape measure with a bump board, and using more than one picture to show measurement of longer fish:

      Example of fish with mouth open and closed, the mouth must be closed to be considered:

      The process is simple! You catch a big fish, take good pictures, go to our website, and submit your application. Good Luck this year!!
      The rules are very simple and straightforward and are what they are for a reason. That reason is to keep things as fair as possible. Period.

      We provided examples of good and bad pics, and also emphasized how important it is to take good pics, because we knew that this sort of thing would happen.

      The reason that there are only a few different people holding records right now is because they are the only ones to turn in entries. Some of us turned in fish just to get the ball rolling with no expectations of them holding up.

      Try for a moment to put yourself in the other person's shoes...

      You took good pictures that clearly show the species of fish, an accurate measurement of the fish with its mouth closed and tail pinched on a bump board. Then you get beat out by a fish that appears to barely measure 1/4" longer than yours with its mouth open and a flimsy tape measure draped across its side.

      Wouldn't be very happy would you??

      Awesome fish by the way! Your father should be very proud!👍


        We have made an exciting addition to the Catch of the Year program! Toward the end of the year, we will draw a random name from the accepted submissions, the name drawn will win a 2020 Nebraska Vehicle State Park Entry Permit!

        Stay tuned for other prizes we may add to the drawing.

        Applicants will only receive 1 entry to the drawing, no matter how many fish they submit. We will post the draw date toward the end of the year, and a video showing the drawing and winner. Hopefully we get the permit mailed to you by January 1, 2020.


          I’m using a plastic, rigid gutter to help contain fish for measuring. I’m thinking of putting a self adhesive polyester store bought tape in the bottom. Does that work? Or do I have to put a metal tape in it? I’m assuming by homemade you mean marking out your own lines. Just checking before I buy something. Here is a picture of what I was looking at.
          "The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn't someone else's gift to you?" ~ Lee Wulff


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            Been discussing it, will update.

          Didn't have anything to measure it with, but felt it was good enough of a picture to post with. Caught at Shadow Lake back in July.


          Shadow lake as well, on a 3wt fly rod fishing for gills. Attacked my bully spider and headed off across the lake.


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          • Durdy
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            Nice one Jim!

          Remember, we are doing a drawing for a 2020 State Park Permit to all accepted entries. Get those pictures in! Drawing will most likely be in December.

          Make sure to take a clear photo of the fish on a tape measure, and a picture holding the fish.


            We have changed the submission process to make things easier. Please review the rules and submit those fish!


              Would be cool if there was a youth division for this.


              • Flash04jv
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                It's being discussed.

              The Catch of the Year event will end on November 2nd. Make sure to get your submissions emailed to us to get your name in the drawing for a 2020 State Park Permit.

              All you need to do is beat a current record, or submit a new species.