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    Question: Helix 5 G2

    My family got together and bought me a Helix 5 G2 fish finder for Christmas. Has anybody bought any of the sd cards for the lakes and if so are they worth the $$$???
    We should be enjoying the outdoors!!!

    I've seen some of the maps of the local lakes.... Not worth it, not sure if planning on going to bigger lakes


      I am also thinking of buying an sd card for my helix, they are sure expensive. Mrdrh, any particular reason you don't think the maps of the local lakes are any good?



        I have a Helix 7 G2 on the front of my boat, the lakemaster plus HD chips are worth the money IMO. I don't fish a lot of the local lakes, but they will help. The lakes I like to fish that are mapped the chips are so good, they have helped out a bunch, and I fish a few states around NE. I one thing a person needs to learn is how to set your unit up to see the contours you want to see.


          I have a helix 5 on my basstracker with the 2014 NE/Dakotas map. Personally, I think it's worth it if you fish anywhere outside of Omaha at all(e.g., Western NE, the dakotas, etc). They're pretty accurate and it enables you to see patterns of where fish are located better and eliminate water quickly. If you don't want to spend the money, I downloaded the free version of the Navionics app on my phone for a lake in MN bc I didn't want to buy the chip. You can view the contours of almost any lake on there. I took a screenshot of the map of the lake, saved it to my photos on my phone and used it while I was out of the lake (because the app requires data or a wifi signal and I had neither on the lake). Worked like a charm.


            If you get an Auto Chart Live card you can make your own maps and it’s really slick how it works.