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    Pictures 2018 Year in Review - Pic Heavy

    Had another great year of fishing in 2018! Gathered some of my favorite photos to share, ended up with way too many so I dialed it back to the ones below.

    Not going to caption each one, just a great year on the water. Fished all across Nebraska, from Fort Robinson to Kirkmans Cove. Also made a family trip to Colorado and did some stream fishing there, as well as fished a mountain lake. Hit the SoDak ice early in the year and caught some decent fish.

    The most memorable fish to me:

    Finally scratching a Master Angler Channel Catfish in Broken Bow, that was a very elusive fish for me.

    Catching a Brook Trout in Colorado with my daughter, who we named Brooke after the fish.

    Spending many days along the Missouri River figuring out how to land Silver carp with ericein and trying to spear one for some State Records.

    Making a last minute trip to Kearney, then by some miracle, due to a few bad situations that arose, landed a Master Angler Rainbow Trout on my fly rod.

    Spending a day on the Missouri River with JKL catching Sturgeon on the NGPC Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Effort boat. Best part for me was finally getting to see a Blue Sucker in person.

    Really just too many great experiences this year to even list, I get long winded so I better just call that good for now. One thing that is clear to me, Nebraska has some amazing fishing and outdoor opportunities across the entire state, I would say an endless amount of adventure awaits us all, right here in Nebraska. I have to give thanks to all the hardworking people across the state that make this possible. I hope I'm able to keep exploring all of them in 2019!

    Was only allowed 20 images. Here are the rest:


      Looks like you had a good year with a lot of fun included. Nice photo group & congratulations!


        Wonderful arrangement. Thanks for sharing.


          Looks like you got one of each. Lol. That took some work.


            You broke the state record 3 times. Impressive! Hopefully, Ill have more time to join you and the twins next year!
            NEFGA on Amazon Smile

            ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ


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              I hope so too!

            Love those babies and carp photos! Congrats on a great year.


              And the Grayling? Where did that come about. Thanks, MIke


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                Joe Wright Reservoir, Colorado.

              Very cool, John! Thanks for sharing...


                Very nice, you did some WORK this year!


                  Wow, neat variety of fish and state records to boot....that's amazing.


                    I have to say that hanging around this forum I have got to meet some great anglers. Flash is one of them, and it was a blast to fish with him this year. We even made it into the World Hearld! Here are a couple more pics of my favorite trips we made together...

                    South Dakoka
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	7410438D-D4EA-4474-BC66-93F295AF20DC.jpeg
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Name:	036F919F-5E64-42AF-B771-B955851AD92D.jpeg
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ID:	1220761

                    Long Pine (Even though he caught the only fish and I went for a swim... still a fun trip)
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	1B3CB4D9-AEBC-4D91-975B-8133C23E5AE6.jpeg
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Name:	F38D26BF-47EC-4657-B028-65332A731D6E.jpeg
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                    Fort Robinson (Where we both landed tiger trout and I got my 29th and 30th species on a fly rod)
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	2B2010AF-767E-476A-9F24-0FFBA27750CE.jpeg
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Name:	D7089D08-E8D2-4D8A-B4BA-16A7BDEE3640.jpeg
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Name:	862724BB-33EF-4D34-BE9C-205D68640BFC.jpeg
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                    State Records (I only got two to his three...
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	60915E8E-D202-4403-8C03-B8D39837D3AE.jpeg
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Name:	FFB43118-200A-4C3E-B8FF-C293037145BD.jpeg
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Name:	9B103AB0-895C-4757-8582-AC87F9619602.jpeg
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                    Looking forward to 2019. That trout slam is going down!



                      I always enjoy reading this thread, and I enjoy writing it as well as it brings back good memories. You guys have had some tremendous luck this year. That grayling is really, really cool!

                      Locally it was an interesting year. I didn’t get out as much as I would have liked in the first half of the year but that got better as the year wore on (outside of August but more on that later).
                      I hoped it would be a more diverse year both in terms of places fished and fish caught.

                      I didn’t have near as good of a bass, walleye, and pike year as I’ve had in previous years.

                      Though I didn’t set out initially to target them, I had as good a channel cat year as I can remember. I didn’t catch anything over 10 pounds, but I did catch a lot in the 2-6 pound class from multiple bodies of water, all on light tackle, and some of them in a kayak which was a blast.

                      I caught my first redear sunfish at Prairie Queen on a beautiful summer’s night, then got my dad back out there a week later to add that to his list as well.

                      We tried for tiger trout but didn’t succeed.

                      I tried again a bit for musky and did not succeed.

                      I tried for wipers and did succeed. My personal best went from 8 to 12 to 14 to 21 inches in about a month’s time. Great fun.

                      Our annual family trip to Fish Trap Lake would rank in the 3-4 of 8 times we’ve been up there. The weather was much better this year and we did very well on 2-4 pound bass. The bluegills and pumpkinseeds were excellent, the yellow perch were mostly small but still fun to catch since we don’t see many of them down here. The Rock bass were more prevalent again this year which we also enjoy, especially when they are toads. We didn’t see any pike or walleye but are learning every year.

                      The travel fishing opportunities I had this year were magnificent.

                      When my girlfriend had a work conference in Orlando I decided to fly down to do some more fishing. I had the chance to chase Peacock Bass in West Palm Beach on a sweltering hot August day. They unfortunately did not cooperate but this large Mayan Cichlid did. Not a new species but a pretty good sized one.

                      On that trip I also ventured back to my Jupiter comfort zone and caught a good array of snappers and had 2 good chances at dockside sharks but they won that battle. My day on Blackdog Sportfishing was also a good one and I caught a handful of keepers that made for a tasty dinner or two back home. The big lemon sharks were out and around and we took on one or two when they’d snag our fish on the way up. The captain and mate gave us our own shark week experience. Absolutely incredible.


                      After that opportunistic trip two weeks later week headed west for our big trip of the year. A venture to Seattle, Vancouver Island and the San Juan Islands.I took gear for salmon, halibut and rockfish not knowing what to expect. I'm not very good in deeper, colder saltwater fisheries and the results backed that up. Our condo in Victoria had the Haro Strait right outside with the San Juan Islands in the distance. It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever thrown a line in, and for 3 days I woke up casting lines as the sun rose over the San Juans and ended the day with the last rays of light over the water. I did catch my first ling cod on a small twister tail. It's a really cool looking fish and one that was on my Pacific Coast wish list for a few years. I threw hundreds of casts for a passing salmon to no avail. We spent a couple days on San Juan Island and I threw a few baits but no takers.

                      The best fish of the year was from a previous post. The 40 pound redfish in Cape Canaveral with Captain Alex Gorichky in May.

                      I haven't set the goals for the year but am thankful for the opportunities we have locally, and for the ability to chase possibility and big dreams in big water.

                      Tight lines everyone and thank you for reading!