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    Review Piscifun Honor 2000

    Awhile back, my good friend from Piscifun asked if I would try out one of their reels and give an honest review. Heck yeah!! I'm not going to pass up on an opportunity to try something new. Especially, when it has to do with FISHING!! Oliver ( Sloppyman on the forum) was nice to enough to send me a new reel right away. Unfortunately, I hadn't had much time to really check it out until recently. I finally got the chance to open it up, take it fishing, and break it down to see the guts.

    (I will apologize in advance for the quality of the first few images. For some reason they are a bit blurry.)

    This review is entirely my words. Oliver did not provide any type of information before I got the reel. He wanted me to discover everything for myself, and provide an honest review. I did not do any research before I received or used this reel so I had no preconceived opinions. Some of this information is from simple interweb searches, but the actual review is 100% me.

    A little background on Piscifun:

    The name Piscifun comes from a combination of the Latin word "Pisci" (which means fish) and the common word "fun". Piscifun was started in 2013 by two close friends that, like many of us, have a passion for fishing. Their strategy is to provide high quality fishing gear at an affordable cost. I personally like their slogan "Go With Family". They want to provide everyone with affordable quality fishing gear, so we can "go with family and enjoy your time on the water".

    All though their website does not specify where these reels are made, my research suggests they are manufactured in China. I did not find a definite answer to this question. Piscifun, according to their website, has a physical address in California.

    Piscifun sells baitcasters, trolling, and fly reels as well. They also have tools, bags, fishing line, etc.

    So let's get to the good stuff...

    The reel I'm reviewing is the Honor 2000. It retails for $59 on the Piscifun website and Amazon. It's identified as a saltwater reel for surf fishing. The 2000 series is physically comparable to the size reel I could use to target bass and walleye in Nebraska, so I didn't concern myself with it being "saltwater".

    A few specs from their website:

    Ball Bearing: 10+1BB

    Gear Ratio: 5.1:1

    Max Drag: 8.8LB

    Retrieve Per Turn: 24.2in

    Weight: 8.96oz

    Braid Capacity: 8lb/175yd

    Mono Capacity: 7lb/160yd

    Precise 10 stainless steel ball bearing + 1 roller bearing

    Powerful Carbon Fiber Drag

    Aluminum body and body cover, high strength graphite rotor

    Unique Collapsible CNC aluminum Handle Design

    Comfortable EVA handle knob

    Human-machine engineering metal front drag

    Interchangeable right or left hand

    LIGHT WEIGHT SPINNING REEL - All graphite body, side plate and rotor decrease the weight of the reel and increase the pleasure of fishing experience.

    SALTWATER PROOF SPINNING REEL- New special design aluminum spool and graphite rotor structure prevent water and sand from getting in and are exceptionally strong yet light weight. All this makes the Honor a saltwater friendly fishing reel.

    POWERFUL - Precise stainless steel main shaft, carbon fiber drag system and quality fortified brass gear gives the Piscifun Honor spinning reel 22.1lb max drag power to fight big fish.

    STRONG AND DURABLE - High strength graphite body and rotor provides the same power as the metal body does. No worry to break it. Good to bare any sudden impact from the tough fish or other strong things. Precisely machined stainless steel handle is hard and strong enough to to fight the big fish.

    First Impressions:
    The reel came in an attractive box. It was wrapped in a protective cloth bag. There was also a parts list/diagram included in the box.

    My first impression when holding the reel is that it felt sturdy. It wasn't "clunky" when I shook it in my hand, and everything felt solid. The body does feel and look like graphite as they claim. The anti reverse is instant. There is a button to turn off the anti-reverse. The bail automatically closes when the handle is turned like most spinning reels are designed to do. Also, the drag dial felt smooth as I turned it. I would say that it felt just as solid as an Abu Revo, but that's just my observation while holding it out of the box...not fishing with it.

    On to fishing with the reel:
    I didn't include pictures of the fish I caught using this reel. I guess I feel that it's not that relevant to the review. However, I will tell you that I used the reel with both light and heavy tackle. I caught countless small gills and crappie, a couple dozen or so largemouth up to 18", a stupid 2 lb carp, and a few channel cats with the largest being 6lbs. I wanted to hook up with some really big fish to put this reel through a tough test, but apparently the fish had other plans.

    For the fun of it, I decided to purchase some of Piscifun's 10 lb braided line to put on the reel. Although Sloppyman didn't ask me to use or review their line, I'll give my opinion on it in a bit.

    The reel casts are as smooth as I would expect from a reel in this price point. I would say it throws line just as well as any spinning reel I personally have used. As you all know there are many factors that go into a smooth cast, but I will say I am satisfied with how the Piscifun performed in this category.

    The line retrieval was smooth as well. It performed equally as well retrieving a lure or the bigger fish I caught with it. I personally consider the speed ideal for when I fish multi-species with one combo. That is, of course, personal preference. However, I find the 5:1 range a good generic speed. It's by no means fast in today's standards, but it's certainly not a slow retrieve. Like any other reel, you have to adjust to match your style of fishing. Anyway, I had no issue reeling in any of the fish I caught. The reel has plenty of backbone to pull in the fish I mentioned above. Hopefully, someday soon, I'll be able to hook into something much bigger. I'll keep you posted as to how that works out. From what I have experienced so far, I won't be afraid to try for some bigger fish on this reel. A 40lb+ flathead may not be advisable, but I digress...

    Catching Fish!!

    I found the anti-reverse to be instant and solid on this reel. I had no issues with solid hook up. Again, there are many factors that play into a good hook set, but the reel did it's job in a satisfactory manor. For those of you who care, there is a small lever at the butt of the reel to turn off the anti-reverse. The lever feels solid when flipped.

    Piscifun advertises the drag system as a powerful carbon fiber material. I'll talk more about the material later, but I did find the drag performs well. The tension dial is on top of the spool like most spinning reels. Each click adjusted the drag in a smooth manner. I was able to feel a difference in the drag with each small adjustment of the dial.

    All in all, I was happy with how the reel performs fishing and CATCHING!! I believe it functions just as well as a $100+ spinning reel. The real test will be how it performs after a full season or more.

    I guess I might as well throw in my review of the Piscifun fishing line here since the line is an important part of the catching process...

    I ordered Piscifun's 10lb braid in black from Amazon. It sells for $9 for 150yds. There are several color options to chose from. When I opened it, I was surprised to see that it was very similar in size, feel, and appearance as the smoke Fireline. It felt extremely solid as I pulled on the line with my bare hands. I didn't look real close to the strength to diameter ratio, but it appeared to be similar diameter as the 10lb Fireline. The coating on Piscifuns' braid made the line a little more stiff than Fireline, but not a big difference. The line cut well with my braid scissors, and I didn't see any evidence that fraying would be an issue. I found that the performance was mostly satisfactory while using it for fishing. However, the one major flaw in this line is it does not do well in rocks. The line tends to cut off easily in rocks. I say cut because each time it was a clean cut end, not frayed or pulled apart. It did perform well in brush and weeds. The sensitivity was fair but not quite what you get from Fireline. All in all, it's an average braid for a cheap price. If you aren't in rocks, it's a good alternative to the expensive stuff. I did wind up putting a different brand braid on the reel, because I was frustrated losing crank baits in the rocks.

    Let's get back to the reel...

    SO, I was satisfied with the reel out of the box, and how it did while fishing. What I really wanted to know was what's under the hood. I tore down the reel, not completely, but enough to see what I wanted to know. I will say that the reel's disassembly and reassembly is common to spinning reels. Nothing out of the ordinary there. It feels and looks like the body is carbon fiber, graphite, and aluminum as advertised. I'm by no means an expert in material composition, but I believe what they are claiming is true. Each part seems to be of good quality. (note: the line in the following pictures are not the Piscifun braid)

    I removed the spool and disassembled the drag system. I did find that there is a carbon fiber washer in the drag. It seems to be a good solid material that should last for quite some time. As I stated previously, the drag does operate smoothly.

    I found very little plastic in the reel. In fact, the only parts that I believe are plastic are on what I call the rear cover and also a part of the anti reverse system. The rear cover is simply for cosmetics. It doesn't play any role in structural integrity. The other piece, for the anti-reverse, isn't something I would consider to be at risk of breaking unless the reel is significantly abused. I wouldn't consider either of the plastic parts to be an issue with the lifespan of this reel.

    The main shaft is stainless steel. There is a double layer ball bearing system on the main shaft. It appears the ball bearing system is to reduce wobbling in the reel. It most certainly makes for a smoother retrieve compared to reels without bearings on the main shaft.

    The gears seem to be a solid aluminum. There is a good precision fit to each component that eliminates the sloppiness you get from some reels. Although it may sound odd for me to mention the grease in the reel, I will. I personally don't care to have reels completely packed with grease. It's messy and does nothing but collect more dirt. This reel was greased exactly where and how it should be. I guess, to me, that speaks to the quality control of this product.

    In summary, I believe this reel is equal to the quality that you can find in reels that are in the $80 to $100 price point. With that being said, I haven't fished with every reel on the market, but I have fished with enough of them that I can make that statement with some confidence. All in all, I believe that Piscifun has made a good reel. It's decent quality and does its job nicely at a reasonable price. My guess is that this reel will last for several seasons with the proper care and maintenance.

    When Sloppyman asked me to do this review, I told him he wouldn't have an opportunity to do any type of advertising on here. NEFGA has a strict policy of only allowing Nebraska based businesses to advertise. Because of that, I gave him the opportunity to rescind his offer. He said he wanted to follow strings attached!


    I want to be fair and extend an offer to NEFGA members. "Share the wealth" sorta speak.
    Anyone who would like to try this reel is welcome to. You can give it a go free of charge. Heck, it's already spooled with line. Just need to attach it to a rod.

    THE ONLY CATCH is you MUST provide an honest review of your own, and then you must offer it to the next NEFGA member who is willing to give a try and leave a review here.
    Only two Rules:
    1. Use the reel for a maximum of two weeks, and have an honest review posted in this thread at the end of the two weeks.
    2. Pass the reel onto another NEFGA member who is willing to follow rules #1 and #2

    If you can't find anyone willing to take it, send it back to me and we'll give it away to a kid at one of the family events. Feel free to change the line to your liking. All I ask is the reel be taken care of and not lost or stolen. It will be a kid's reel someday so please be nice to it!
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    Thanks for the review!


      The reel has been spoken for. It should be available in a couple weeks.
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        That is a great review! Thanks for taking the Time!
        Keep it safe! JDL


          I have used the Piscifun aluminum fly reel for a couple of years, and like JKL I found the quality of this brand to be very good. Even on the bigger fish it took the fight in stride. The drag is very smooth and even. Brand name reels of this quality ran twice the price.


            I misread the PM I got today. The reel is available for the next couple weeks if anyone is interested in trying it out. It is spoken for in the last half of May.
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            ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ


              Put 50 pound PowerPro on the piscifun Thunder.
              Had no problems with backlash. casted smooth and far.
              Its a reel for medium to heavy baits like big swimbaits


                JKL was kind enough to let me have the reel for about a month so here goes on my review of the reel!

                I'll defer to his review as far as the technical specs of the reel, you can read those above.

                My first impression pulling it out of the box was it's looks! I really like the matte black finish with the red accent colors. After the initial ogling, I noticed two things. The bail is thicker than most of my reels, which I thought may be a bit clunky while using but I was happily mistaken. Secondly, the handle grip is large. Easy to find without looking after a cast and extremely comfortable when continually casting and reeling.

                The reel is very solid, instant anti-reverse, and the drag is very smooth. Although I didn't catch any fish that were 'big', a few pulled some drag and it performed flawlessly. When adjusting the drag, the increments are very small so you can precisely dial in the desired drag setting. Casting was another area the reel excelled. Distance was as good, if not better, than any reels I currently own (mostly Shimano), the line just shot off the spool when casting. One minor thing that I noticed, but really liked since I have a 4 year-old learning to cast correctly, is that the bail won't go back down by reeling. It has to be manually put back into place after casting. Again, probably minor to most, but having that feature was a good surprise. Obviously longevity is one thing that couldn't be tested, but nothing gives me the impression that it wouldn't last a long time.

                Looking quickly online, this reel can be purchased from Amazon for $50, which I think is a bargain for what you're getting. When we get to the point where we need to replace a reel, I will definitely consider getting one of these! Thanks again, JKL, for allowing me to use the reel! Loved it!
                Fishing trips aren't measured in pounds and inches; they're measured in smiles, laughter, and memories with friends and family.


                  All else aside, carbon fiber drags are the smoothest and best drag system available today. Most carbon fiber is created equal and comes from the same source, incuding Shimano, Penn, Carbontex, etc. To make their operation even more efficient and smoother it is recommended to LIGHTLY grease both sides of the carbon fiber washer with Cal's or Shimano drag grease.


                    Comes with just the 1 spool? Can I buy an extra spool for it?