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Smallmouth Bass on a Fly

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    Smallmouth Bass on a Fly

    Went way out west to Pine Ridge this week to do some trout fishing. That was a bust... did get to do some exploring and found a couple spots I would hit again, a couple more that were cool to see at least once, and a couple of roads to get there were... interesting.
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    Some of you might recognize that road and know where I was going. Beautiful, but a single car width road through a Pine Ridge canyon was interesting. I even blew out a tire on forest service ground southeast of Chadron trying to get to another one and lost a half day of fishing. Had a super hard time finding trout, fought lots of snags and grass around the streams, hooked a couple, but never got anything to the net. So a bust of a trip.

    But on the way home, I hit a favorite I-80 lake and managed to scratch what were the only decent fish of the trip...

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    First was 16" and the second was 15". Smallies on a fly are probably one of my favorites. Jumped, ran, and fought all the way into the net. A lot of fun on a fiberglass 5 weight. And a slump busting, trip saving fish.

    As always nice fish! Always like the background scenery! Thanks for sharing!
    Keep it safe! JDL