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Dry Run Creek Arkansas

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    Dry Run Creek Arkansas

    During spring break this year my wife has a conference on the east coast so I'm on my own with the kids. I'm hatching a plan right now to take them down to dry run creek. Has anybody here fished it with their kids? I'll probably be camping and fishing so if anybody has any suggestions on campgrounds, tips etc...

    I'm expecting to take the usual Arkansas tailwater stuff: scuds, midges some shad and leach style streamers.

    Lol, I think the silence says a lot! I have not fly fished Arkansas, but I am planning to try to get my 8 year old out fly fishing some. I plan to try to hit some local smaller waters (like Verdigre) before I take her somewhere with current or significantly deeper water. I'll have to look up dry run creek, not sure if it hits that bill.

    I would say your standard Arkansas stuff is probably a good bet. You might call a local fly shop too... they should be able to get you dialed into the creek.


      If this the same dry run creek as here, that place looks awesome to take kids. Heck, I want to go!


        Wow. What a super cool place! Kids only, artificial only. It's a perfect place to get kids introduced to fly angling! BIG fish too!
        "Man should fish for sport. I don't fish for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable" --Ron Swanson


          I have actually been by it once when we were on our way to fish the White River. Cool place, HUGE fish. They bust adults trying to poach trophy fish there fairly frequently.


            Yes. I've seen it several times and it is a great place for kids. You can also enjoy watching the trout in the creek without wetting a line. You can easily see them from the steep bank above.

            Dry run is adjacent to the national fish hatchery at Norfork dam. I have fished the Norfork many times. My grandparents lived near there.

            You can get lodging at Genes Trout Dock just down the road or stay at Dam Quarry Campground (Army Corps of Engineers) across the road. Mountain Home is not far either.

            They just caught a new Arkansas state record cutthroat downstream from there. 10 pounds.


              Umm...also, I was considering taking my wife and grandson down there over spring break as well. We camp at the Dam Quarry.

              I fish the Norfork. That is business that requires a boat when generation is happening. That is usually a trolling activity and NOT for the timid. The water is very swift, dangerous and white water in places. When generation is not happening, it is an expansive riffle and pool stream that is wadeable.

              I have fished every way possible there including wading below the dam late at night when the generation was off, fly fishing sink tips with streamers for browns. Dangerous for sure, but it can be rewarding.

              Norfork has many personalities and can show you several in a short amount of time. Dry Run Creek is pretty much the same every day of the year. Flows are controlled because it is part of the hatchery.


                Thanks everybody. I've been out of town the last few weeks so I haven't seen this board in awhile. We will be down there the end of March so I'll give a report.