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Thread: Fish Trap Lake Minnesota Report: Pic Heavy

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    Default Fish Trap Lake Minnesota Report: Pic Heavy

    Sorry for the delayed report, haven’t had the chance to get many pictures loaded up.

    So I’ve decided rather than buying birthday/anniversary gifts to take my parents/brother on a weekend getaway. My dad, brother, and I fish our tails of, and my mom and I get to cook like mad, and she can relax on a lake for 3 days. We’ve found a resortand lake that we’ll be going to for many years to come. It was our second trip to Sweetwater Resort on Fish Trap Lake near Cushing, MN. It’s about 8 hours away and these folks do it right. It’s a small mom and pop place with about 6 cabins. Chuck and CindyBrey do it right! For a small fee you can have small pets (my mom loves this) and the kitchen is completely furnished, grill included. The boating is also very reasonable (we had a 14 foot john boat with motor for $125 for the whole weekend).

    Now to the fishing. This lake is a challenge, but its absolutely gorgeous. It has a great deal of bays and islands with a diverse species population. It’s also a magnificent birding lake with a bevy of herons, loons, eagles, owls, and ospreys for yourviewing and auditory pleasure. Our primary target was Northern Pike, and we gave passing chase to walleyes, but it’s known as a good Largemouth bass lake and goodness was it. I got this fish right off the dock on a leech, about 18 inches long, fat, and happy. There are a few smallies in this lake which we haven’t seen, but if the LMB’s fight like these do I can’t imagine what the smallies fight like. We quickly realized we were hitting the spawning period for both bass and panfish, so on Friday morning we abandonedour walleye quest and targeted the these and the Northerns.

    Over the course of the next two days, we probably fished for 13-15 hours each day. The northerns didn’t cooperate much at all (4 between the 3 of us) and we threw the kitchen sink at em! We ended up with two primary fishing holes, a cove with tons oflily pads and good cattails surrounding it on one side of the lake. This spot was a blast because it had pockets to pitch to all over the place. We caught a wide array of bluegills, pumpkinseeds, and hybrid sunfish. Thebiggest fish of the weekend came from this locale as the resort also has a small pontoon paddleboat which is a blast to fish out of! Of course, on this afternoon venture my brother and I had no gloves, no pliers, and no net! He hooks into what he believesis the biggest bass of his life and it is raising a thorough ruckus. It gets closer and I think northern: we get it boatside and it’s a 27 inch bowfin that is NOT pleased. Without proper gear, we cut the line and all digits are in tact!

    The second spot we found by accident on the complete opposite side. My dad was trying to take us up to a preserve with a bunch of pads, but made a wrong turn into another cove. This cove looked “fishy” so I started chuckin! We quickly spotted a2 foot northern which didn’t bite but got our attention, followed by a nice 15 inch bass that also didn’t bite but got our attention. This cove proved to be the best bass fishing of the trip with several of these being caught in a couple hour span. We don’tusually keep lmbs, but wanted to make a fish taco dinner and so we took 3 of them, and maybe I haven’t eaten them in a while, or maybe they were just that good up there, but the fillets were excellent!

    Our last night there we took a pontoon boat out for a few hours of birdwatching, fishing, cruising, and my mom laughing at our fishing antics!

    So we caught about 80 bass, with 40 of these fish being at least 12 inches long, and 25 being 2-4 pounds. We probably caught 120-150 panfish (lost track on Saturday), which included several fat and feisty rock bass, which though the locals may not likeem, are a blast to land since I don’t catch them here.

    I am sure there are bigger, more productive fisheries in the area, but Fish Trap to me is a perfect balance of scenery , fishing options, and Sweetwater is a great deal cost wise too. We’ll be going back for many years to come for sure! Tight lines all!

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    Looks like a fun trip!
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    Its good to see guys getting to fish with there dads.

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    Those Sunnies are awesome! Great trip! Thanks for sharing!
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    That place looks awesome! The coloring of the fish is spectacular.

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