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  1. NGPC Fishing Release: Nebraska State Fair 2014

    Fish have been displayed at the Nebraska State Fair almost every year since 1885. *There was a year, 1898, when there was no funding for displaying fish at the state fair, and in 1976 no fish were...
  2. NGPC Wildlife Release: Kestrels defy odds – pull of second brood

    It has been a while since I blogged about our American Kestrels and their late-season breeding attempt. *It now appears the*pair is on the verge of success. *As kestrel-watchers already know, only...
  3. NGPC Travel Release: Great Outdoor Event for Women on WOWT 6 Outdoors

    On my WOWT 6 Outdoor Report this week, I’ll be featuring *and promoting the 2014 Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) event coming up the first weekend in October at the Nebraska State 4-H Camp near...
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    NGPC Release: Visualization

    I will not pretend to know a thing about sports psychology. *What I do know is that at the highest levels of competition, whatever the sport, competitors look for any advantage they can gain. *To...
  5. NGPC Travel Release: Footsteps Through McKelvie

    The following essay was submitted by freelance writer Zeke Brummels: A lot of people can tell you about the beauty of the Sandhills from the road, the forever green dunes rolling by at sixty five...
  6. NGPC Wildlife Release: Four plants for hummingbirds

    In my recent post about attracting hummingbirds, I briefly mentioned*how incorporating certain plants into your yard will help attract*hummingbirds. *I stated it was perhaps the subject of another...
  7. NGPC Hunting Release: Why Hunt the Husker State?

    Mixed bag opportunity. Not much pressure. Reasonably priced permits and stamps. Mobile apps for information and some permits. Special $5.00 youth permits.*Long seasons. Generous bag limits. Great...
  8. NGPC Fishing Release: A Combo of Tournaments

    A few weeks ago I told you about the 2014 High School Bass Fishing Championship held at Merritt Reservoir. *I want to return to that event in this blog post because there was something else about...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Dog Days of Fishing

    Every year I hear and read accounts of anglers who think that August is a slow time for fishing. It’s hot, the dog days of summer are upon us, and in most cases, there are more than enough groceries...
  10. NGPC Fishing Release: It’s Time for a Bunch of Bull(frogs)

    Maybe it’s because I have rural roots in Nebraska. Maybe it’s because I grew up exploring*the Platte River bottoms and nearby sandpit lakes.*Maybe it’s the adventurous*spirit that I possess. Whatever...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Friday Musings

    I think this is an appropriate way to end “Carp Week”. If fish could smoke cigarettes, common carp would. However, come to think of it, I have seen stocked rainbow trout eat cigarette butts. For some...
  12. NGPC Wildlife Release: Piping Plovers returning to Gulf Coast

    Contributed by Lauren Dinan, Nongame Bird Biologist After spending the last three months*nesting here in Nebraska, Piping Plovers have migrated*south. Several of our lower Platte River*plovers have...
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    NGPC Release: Carp Week: Eating It

    * I have had very few experiences eating carp, twice to be exact. The first time, I prepared it myself. The second time, I went to a place call Wild Bill’s Bar and Grill in Rulo. The first experience...
  14. NGPC Fishing Release: With Carp, The Eyes May Have It!

    “Anything you can see underwater you can expect a carp to see too – and more besides.” – Marc Coulson, The Complete Guide to Carp Fishing. Have you ever noticed the relatively large eyes of a carp...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Where the Carp Goes

    An extraordinary aspect to wildlife management these days is the extent to which technology is being used to learn more about animals. It seems telemetry, the process of using tracking devices...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Carp Appreciation

    We are having some fun with “Carp Week” on our Game & Parks FaceBook page this week. *You are not going to find carp near the top of any of my favorite fish lists, but I have said that all of the...
  17. NGPC Parks Release: Turning Ten: The Missouri River Outdoor Expo

    More than 52,000 visitors in two days. Nearly 1,000 volunteers. Over 100 hands-on exhibits. Sixteen trolleys. Three locations in one park. Two world-record holders. One decade. As the Missouri River...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Carp Week?

    Every year about this time the Discovery Channel has their Shark Week. *If you are a pointy-headed fisheries biologist like me, you think that is pretty cool, especially when great white sharks are...
  19. NGPC Fishing Release: Ready for Carp Week?

    Shark Week begins on the Discovery Channel tomorrow, but are you ready for #CarpWeek here in Nebraska? It starts tomorrow as well! I’m*pumped up for it! Those of us at*NE Game and...
  20. NGPC Fishing Release: Carp Fishing Bait: As Many Flavors as Anglers!

    Welcome to #CarpWeek! Let’s address carp fishing*bait*because*it comes in as many*flavors (and forms) as there are anglers. It is*rare that two carp anglers*sit down and agree on the best method or...
  21. NGPC Wildlife Release: Migrations Have Begun

    I know it is August, and folks do not think that “fall” starts until September. *But if you look for the subtle signs, fall has already begun. *I was reminded of that earlier this week when my...
  22. NGPC Hunting Release: Pre-Season Prep for Hunters on WOWT 6 Outdoors

    The Nebraska Cornhusker football team is practicing and fall high school*sports practices begin on Monday, so it’s time for us*hunters in Nebraska to begin*our pre-season preparation work as well....
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Human Bobber

    A week or so ago I got a fishing report from an old college buddy. *He catches some big catfish from Omaha area waters and recently landed*another one. *This one was a flathead catfish, a 41-inch...
  24. NGPC Fishing Release: Reel ‘em in Roadtrip: Dog Days of Summer

    Our kids were all home this past week, and*family time and Johnson Lake time go hand in hand with the Berggrens. Grandkids enjoy the water dragon, and our kids still enjoy going for a pull. Jeanne...
  25. NGPC Fishing Release: Youth Fishing Instructor Training

    I try to brag up our youth fishing instructors because they are a tremendous asset to our fishing education programs! *For those of you who are NOT already one of our youth fishing instructors and...
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