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  1. NGPC Travel Release: Ponca State Park’s Hallowfest Proceeds Go Back to Community

    Ponca State Park’s 16th Annual Hallowfest enjoyed beautiful fall weather this past Saturday, October 18. Crafts and activities were enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. The park’s main...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Half Combo

    Got a little report to give you about a recent adventure. *I have a buddy from Iowa that I met through some turkey hunting I have helped him*with ( Turkeys Down! Turkey Camp*, Turkey Camp 2014*). *I...
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    NGPC Wildlife Release: Smoky gray photos

    “Smoky gray” isn’t often a quality we photographers seek in images, but it’s a different story when it comes to turkeys. I was pleased to receive a few photos of smoky gray phase wild turkeys after...
  4. NGPC Parks Release: Dutch Oven Program Set at Wildcat Hills SRA

    Those looking to take a traditional approach to cooking a delicious meal in the outdoors are encouraged to sign up for an upcoming program at Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area of Gering. Amanda...
  5. NGPC Travel Release: Top Spot for Fall Color Viewing on WOWT 6 Outdoors

    I’ll be taking you to what many believe (including myself) is the top spot for viewing fall foliage color in southeastern Nebraska on my Weekly Outdoor Report on Omaha’s WOWT 6 News. Take a look at...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: What Is a Trophy?

    I am old-fashioned enough that I still have a Webster’s New World Dictionary sitting on my desk top at all times, it is directly off my right shoulder. *The internet is great and I use it for a lot...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Cops and Bobbers

    It was a fun day yesterday for more than 200 youths and their families at the annual Cops and Bobbers fishing event held at Omaha’s Benson Park Lagoon sponsored by our friends at Omaha Police with...
  8. NGPC Hunting Release: Go Big Red Means Go Outdoors

    *“Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory.” Question:*When is the absolute best time to go outdoors*–*hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, camping,*boating, etc. in the fall here in Nebraska?...
  9. NGPC Parks Release: Soldiers Point the Way at Fort Atkinson SHP

    By Julie Ashton, Friends of Fort Atkinson If you have driven into Fort Calhoun lately, you’ll notice a few new soldiers standing on the north and south sides of town. These soldiers, made of iron and...
  10. NGPC Hunting Release: Don’t Forget Your Duck Call

    Duck seasons are in full swing in much of Nebraska right now and where they are not open, they soon will be. *From the predictions I have heard, it should be a great season. I enjoy the variety of...
  11. NGPC Hunting Release: Panhandle Passages: The Great White Turkey

    As I was driving through the Nebraska National Forest southeast of Chadron on Thursday, a pleasant surprise greeted me as I rounded a bend in the road. Discovering a flock of wild turkeys is...
  12. NGPC Hunting Release: Author, Sportsman on Great Outdoor Radio Show

    Published outdoor writer and*well-traveled Midwestern sportsman*Greg Medlin of Omaha, NE comes to my Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show this week to visit with you. You’ll find Greg very...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Rewarding!

    Let me give you an update on some of what I have been up to lately. . . . I was once again honored to participate in our annual Becoming an Outdoors-Woman*(BO-W) workshop held at the 4-H camp in...
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    NGPC Wildlife Release: Bald Birds

    Northern cardinals are familiar birds found throughout most of Nebraska. But sometimes familiar species can become unfamiliar by exhibiting an odd plumage. Sometimes an explanation for such an...
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    NGPC Hunting Release: An Old Coot Trick

    It happens just about every year.* The ducks that are around have been around for a while and they seem to have it all figured out.* They not only avoid your decoys, many disappear during shooting...
  16. NGPC Hunting Release: Youth Upland Game Bird Weekend on WOWT 6 Outdoors

    On*WOWT 6 Outdoors*this week, I’ll be highlighting Nebraska’s two-day youth upland game bird hunting season that will be taking place this the weekend of October 18th & 19th. I’ll be mentioning a few...
  17. NGPC Fishing Release: Fall Family Fishing Events

    Our family fishing events have been very popular and successful. *All of those events have been held during the summer in recent years until now! *We are hosting some fall family fishing events...
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    NGPC Release: Foraging for Fall Fungi

    Disclaimer When foraging for wild food such as wild fungi, you must be able to correctly identify what you are picking, otherwise you should not eat it. Never eat any wild food without multiple...
  19. NGPC Wildlife Release: The Beneficial Beetle

    When you hear the term beneficial insect, pollinators like bees or butterflies probably come to mind. Or maybe you think of predatory insects such as the praying mantis or spiders. Either way these...
  20. NGPC Hunting Release: BOW Workshop Empowers Women

    Nestled in beautiful fall colors and cool temperatures of the Nebraska National Forest, the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) workshop was held last weekend at the 4-H camp near Halsey. The BOW...
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    NGPC Wildlife Release: Fish Eagles

    I have been on the water a bit this week. *It is fall and the “fish eagles”, more appropriately ospreys, are definitely migrating through the state right now. *While fishing, every now and then my...
  22. NGPC Fishing Release: Talkin’ Trout on TV

    Pan-sized rainbow trout stockings for fall and winter*fishing come front and center on my LIVE Weekly TV Outdoor Report, Thursday at 6 p.m. CST during the*Omaha’s WOWT 6 News*sportscast. Northwest...
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    NGPC Conservation Release: Stripers!

    Some of you may know that we recently started stocking some striped bass in Nebraska, again. *There is more to the story. . . . Striped bass are a marine species that migrate into fresh water to...
  24. NGPC Wildlife Release: Cottonwoods disappearing from the lower Platte River?

    The sound of rustling cottonwood leaves blowing in the breeze on a summer’s day along the lower Platte River is commonplace, but will this always be the case? *Every summer since 2006 I have spent...
  25. NGPC Hunting Release: 23 years of Firsts – Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

    The 23rd Annual Nebraska Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Weekend took place this past weekend in the Nebraska National Forest – Bessey Unit, near Halsey, NE.* What a tremendous weekend it was, too.* Some...
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