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  1. NGPC Wildlife Release: All About Birds on Great Outdoor Radio Show

    Bird migrations, bird watching, bird feeding and even more birding topics will be addressed on this Saturday’s Great Outdoor Radio Show. Special guest will be Crinda Williams of Springfield, NE who...
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    NGPC Wildlife Release: Arbor Day Hunts

    Weather permitting I will be celebrating Arbor Day my traditional way by dressing up like a tree, making sexy, fowl noises and hoping to seduce the bird that takes center stage in the Nebraska...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Earth Day? 2015

    I have a couple of calendars in my office that have something about “Earth Day” scribbled on the square dated April 22, 2015. *I have taken a cynical view of “Earth Day” in the past, have reflected...
  4. NGPC Parks Release: Dedication Set for New, Historic Fort Robinson Building

    The new lodging facility blends the best of old and new. Fort Robinson State Park near Crawford is gearing up to celebrate its reconstruction of an 1891 Officers Quarters, a duplex-style lodge that...
  5. NGPC Fishing Release: Bowfishing Mentor Program at Ponca SP

    The Bowfishing Mentor Program at Ponca State Park is currently open for registration. The course will be taught over four nights, June 4, 11, 18 and 19 from 6-8:30 p.m. Limited to 25 registrants,...
  6. NGPC Hunting Release: Go Morel Mushroom Hunting with WOWT 6 Outdoors

    Come with us as we go out morel mushroom hunting on my Weekly Outdoor Report on Omaha’s WOWT 6 News tonight! Morels have popped up and are being picked in the moist areas of river bottom woodlands...
  7. NGPC Fishing Release: Watts Lake Renovation

    Our Nebraska Game & Parks fisheries personnel had an opportunity to get another quick renovation done this spring. *There have been some news releases on this, but I am guessing many folks may have...
  8. NGPC Fishing Release: Watts Lake Renovated to Improve Fishery

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission completed a fish renovation at Watts Lake on the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge on March 27 to address an unbalanced...
  9. NGPC Wildlife Release: Helping Ospreys and avoiding power outages

    Electric utilities*and wildlife agencies are entities that you may not immediately think of as cooperators in conservation, particularly if you’ve closely followed the news as of late. *Even though...
  10. NGPC Hunting Release: Video of First Gobbler With Crossbow

    Check out the video of*my*first Nebraska*spring wild turkey hunt using*crossbow equipment at the link below. The video goes with a column*Mark Davis*of the Omaha World-Herald newspaper*wrote for a...
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    NGPC Hunting Release: Oh Happy Day!

    Tomorrow is the opener of our Nebraska spring shotgun turkey season. *Yessssssss! *Actually, many Nebraska hunters have been actively hunting spring toms since March 25 with bow, crossbows and...
  12. NGPC Fishing Release: Daryl Bauer Comes to The Great Outdoor Radio Show

    He*has graced the cover of our NEBRASKAland Magazine.He’s a fisheries biologist*who absolutely, positively loves to fish and catch BIG FISH (I swear there’s gills under those whiskers, HA!) and blog...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Hang Up!

    I blog about fish and fishing, most of the time. *I try at least once in awhile to maybe pass along some tips or ideas that might help folks catch more fish, or catch & release a big fish. *I have...
  14. NGPC Fishing Release: Fishing Instructors to be Trained in Gering

    The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will certify youth fishing instructors Sunday, April 26, at Gering from 2-5 p.m. The free workshop will be at Platte Valley Motor Bank, 1850 10th Street. Event...
  15. NGPC Hunting Release: Breaking Outdoor News: Morel Mushrooms Have Emerged!

    The morel mushroom harvest season is officially underway here in Nebraska, woo-hoo! Friends, co-workers, and acquaintances of mine are finding morels now in the moister, grassy areas of river bottom...
  16. NGPC Parks Release: Preview of Indian Cave’s Outdoor Adventure Day on WOWT 6 Outdoors

    I’ll be previewing Indian Cave State Park’s big Spring Outdoor Adventure Day taking place this*Saturday, April 18th*on my WOWT 6 News Weekly Outdoor Report. There will be lots of fun things for you...
  17. NGPC Parks Release: Wildcat Weekends Series Puts Focus on the Outdoors

    The Wildcat Hills Nature Center near Gering is encouraging outdoor lovers to mark their calendars for its Wildcat Weekends series of events scheduled each month from May through December. The series...
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    NGPC Boating Release: Wear It!

    I am going to “harp” on this subject again–Wear Your Life Jacket! *This is the time of year when we get some warm weather, a warm afternoon, and everyone wants to be on the water fishing. *Or, it is...
  19. NGPC Wildlife Release: Hybrid grouse at the Prairie-Chicken Festival

    I had the privilege to participate in and be part of the Nebraska Prairie Chicken Festival*this past weekend. *This is the fourth year of this festival, but the first year I attended. *I had high...
  20. NGPC Hunting Release: 10 Tips for Taking Kids Turkey Hunting

    This weekend*marks the opening of Nebraska’s 2015 youth*shotgun spring wild turkey hunting season. Conservation Officer Rich Berggren of Waterloo, NE, myself, and many, many others at the Nebraska...
  21. NGPC Parks Release: Panhandle Passages: Down Home Frog

    Every photo that makes it to print in NEBRASKAland Magazine means a lot to me. Few things make a person look fondly upon a time and a place as does a good photo and it’s especially rewarding to see...
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    NGPC Wildlife Release: Dizzy Turkey

    It is spring and love is in the air for many of Nebraska’s creatures. *I have been in the field helping collect walleye eggs for our walleye stockings the past couple of weeks (Easter Egg Hunt), so I...
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    NGPC Hunting Release: Pretty Fake

    When I started chasing gobblers in the spring very few people used them. Now many feel naked if they walk into the field without a turkey decoy or three. I hunted several years before getting my...
  24. NGPC Fishing Release: It Is Spring and Spawning Is In The Air

    In the past few weeks I have blogged about some of the springtime field work that occupies the fisheries staff of the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (e.g. Piking, Easter Egg Hunt). *I cannot tell...
  25. NGPC Hunting Release: Youth Shotgun Turkey Season Featured on WOWT 6 Outdoors

    Nebraska’s youth*spring shotgun wild turkey hunting season will be featured on my*Weekly Outdoor Report airing on Omaha’s WOWT 6*News LIVE this Thursday evening at 6 p.m. CST during the sportscast...
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