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    NGPC Travel Release: “Oh No, Tick!”

    On a*March 14, 2015 Facebook post, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission comrade Julie Geiser*found a tick on herself, and just yesterday I flicked one off of myself while working in the yard!*So,*it’s...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Fishing Stereotypes

    It is Friday and time for a little fun. . . . I joke this time of year that the weather gets nice and everyone considers themselves to be a fisherperson. *Folks that may not pick up a rod & reel the...
  3. NGPC Parks Release: Let’s Go RV Camping on Great Outdoor Radio Show

    On the Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show I host, we’re going RV camping. It’s gonna be everything you’ve ever*want to know*about*RV camping (but may have been afraid*to ask)! Come along for...
  4. NGPC Wildlife Release: Kestrels laying eggs – already!

    It is spring and in the spring a young kestrel’s fancy turns to thoughts of love. * In this case, the love has happened a little earlier than expected. *Many know we (NGPC) have live streaming video...
  5. NGPC Wildlife Release: Pelicans, pelagic trips and Harlan County Lake

    On Monday (23 March) I had a great time assisting with a national media tour highlighting American White Pelicans and birding*at Harlan County Lake. *The event is part of Harlan County Tourism’s...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Hero Shot

    A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my son with a very nice, 36-inch pike he pulled through an ice hole this winter. *I put all of my blog posts on my FaceBook page too, and there a friend was...
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    NGPC Hunting Release: Turkey Time

    Nebraska may be the best place for the turkey hunter.* The spring season kicked off this morning – 30 minutes before sunrise – with archery.* Just over two weeks from now on April 11, turkey-chasers...
  8. NGPC Hunting Release: Rain Falling, Think Morels!

    With rain currently falling off and on here in southeastern Nebraska, how can one not think about harvesting morel mushrooms in several weeks, huh? Also, I want to point out the April issue of our...
  9. NGPC Fishing Release: Update on Lake Wanahoo’s Fishery on WOWT 6 Outdoors

    I’ll be giving you an update on the Lake Wanahoo fishery near Wahoo, NE on this week’s WOWT 6 News Outdoor Report. You’ll wanna tune in and find out how things are going there and get a status report...
  10. NGPC Wildlife Release: Birding in Omaha: The Cool Birds of Carter, Kiwanis

    “When I am birdwatching, I experience what psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls “flow.” I lose the sense of time; I lose the sense of being encapsulated in a body with all its hungers, aches,...
  11. NGPC Wildlife Release: Showing off Nebraska’s migration spectacle

    On Thursday (19 March), I led a field trip for Audubon’s Nebraska Crane Festival. *All thirteen participants came to Nebraska to see our spring migration spectacle. *All were from far off...
  12. NGPC Hunting Release: Safety First During Turkey Season

    The Nebraska archery turkey season for youth and adults begins March 25. Shotgun season for youth begins April 11, followed by the general shotgun season starting April 18, with all seasons closing...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Open House

    If you are in the area and can make it to this meeting next week, we would love to have you! Commission to Host Meeting on Valentine-Area Projects LINCOLN – A public informational meeting will be...
  14. NGPC Hunting Release: Special Great Outdoor Radio Show Broadcast at Hunt with Huskers Event

    With the Great Outdoor Radio Show*I host, I am thrilled and honored once again to be part of the upcoming Hunt with the Huskers charity event this Saturday, March 21st at the beautiful Oak Creek...
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    NGPC Wildlife Release: Screechy

    I have three large oak trees in my yard. *When I am up on the roof cleaning gutters or raking 16 tons of leaves, I sometimes mumble unpleasantries about those trees. *But then every once in awhile,...
  16. NGPC Fishing Release: Talkin’ Trout on WOWT 6 Outdoors

    We’ll definitely be talkin’ trout on my weekly TV outdoor report on Omaha Station and NBC affiliate WOWT/Channel 6. That’s because the Two Rivers State Recreation Area*Trout Lake just west of the...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Piking

    Last weekend I was informed, sort of anonymously on the inter-web, that I was a fine, lazy state worker. *Ironically, that came*after working my seventh weekend out of the ten since the first of the...
  18. NGPC Hunting Release: Pine Ridge Mule Deer Counted

    The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has completed the second year of an annual mule deer survey in portions of the Pine Ridge management unit in northwestern Nebraska. On Feb. 6-9, Commission...
  19. NGPC Parks Release: Lewis and Clark Lake SRA Acquires Fire Truck for $1

    Dave Kinnamon, park superintendent at Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area (SRA), has had his share of experience with fire. Before accepting his current position at the SRA near Crofton in...
  20. NGPC Hunting Release: Quick Corned Game (or Beef) for St. Patrick’s Day/Week

    St. Patrick’s Day*and Week is officially upon us! Do you*enjoy dining on corned beef?*Have venison or elk in the frig or freezer? Or,*want to*make your own corned beef? Then,*you should to try this...
  21. NGPC Fishing Release: Spring Trout Stocking 2015

    I know the spring trout stocking schedule went out in a news release last Friday, but my phone continues to ring, the weather is nice, and folks are ready to go fishing! *We have a lot of fish out...
  22. NGPC Conservation Release: Conservation Officers Surprise Third Grade Class

    Conservation officers Alexandra Frohberg and Tom Zimmer made a surprise visit to Covington Elementary in South Sioux City recently. As part of a class assignment, third grade student Kevin Castro...
  23. NGPC Wildlife Release: Sandhill Cranes arriving late?

    Any long time resident of Nebraska knows there is no such thing as a “normal” spring.***This spring provides more evidence in*support of the abnormal. *The bitter cold snap of late February extended...
  24. NGPC Hunting Release: Spring Break: Sporting Clays, Pheasants, Chukars, Fun and Memories

    To*get*young people ‘outdoors’ these days,*you have to be flexible and take advantage of any windows of opportunity that are there. Such was the case this past week*when my 17 year-old Son Noah, a...
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    NGPC Fishing Release: Boat Show

    Sport show/seminar/banquet season is drawing to a close for me. *It is time to “shut up and fish!” *I have one last boat show I am working this weekend: I will be at Waconda Boats in Rep. City on...
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