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    Here is a good way to clean bluegills.

    I still like to use the fillet knife over the electric.
    Not knocking the electric, some guys are very good at using them.
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    Deaths at low head dams are avoidable.

    Portage around is the answer. These dams look peaceful but are killers waiting to strike.
    There have been a number of drownings this summer at low head dams.
    Stay safe on the water and tell your...
  3. Safety around floods: 30 foot tree trapped for a week.

    Dams have a lot of power even without flood water levels.
  4. Would you ride a Jet ski below 21,000 Cubic Feet per Second?

    Jet skiers risk lives of First Responders if they go over.
  5. How fisheries cleans transport water to be free of invasives

    Melanie of the Iowa DNR staff did a great job of describing about
    the Fairport hatchery and how water is purified to keep from
    tranporting invasives. Also for those interested in a
  6. Niabrara angler, Kansas andlers win in this Iowa catfish contest.

    79.90# Wins Clark's Bait, Boone, IA. Des Moines River Rod and Reel Catfish Tournament. All fish were released.
    I videod the weigh in for the catfish tourney. Nice people and a great turnout...
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    Thanks everyone, Yes Iowa. My brother in law...

    Thanks everyone, Yes Iowa. My brother in law would kill me if I tell where. :chuck:
  8. Thanks You, I enjoy making them a feel like I've...

    Thanks You, I enjoy making them a feel like I've missed out on something if I don't get to the hatchery at least once in the spring.
  9. 49# Muskie at Spirit lake fish hatchery. Lots of Nebraska fishermen at the Iowa Great Lakes

    Lots of Nebraska fishermen fish at the Iowa Great Lakes. You'll enjoy the big fish.
    Thanks to the good work of the Iowa DNR we have great fishing for walleye and Muskies. ...
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    14# Pike caught and released.

    Caught a good Pike and released it.
  11. Y-Bone removal on Northern Pike cleaning made easy

    A friend of mine does a great job getting the Y-bones out.
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    17 7/8 inch pond crappie My PB I released

    Got a good 17 7/8 inch Black Crappie.
  13. Ice recovery of vehicle start to finish. (No blame, accidents happen)

    Boji Ice Recovery of Vehicle and Wheelhouse
    This is very interesting and the skill sets needed to accomplish
    this safely is something. Bob Kirschbaum of Bob's Repair and Tow,
    Spirit Lake, IA...
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    Broiled Butterfly Trout, great tasting

    Broiled Butterfly Trout are great with sweet potato fries
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    How I clean trout.

    My way to clean trout.
  16. Time to plan and get permission to put in fish structure

    Time to put fish habitat on ice. Old Christmas trees and many times you can get your
    conservation department to assist or do it.
  17. Would your insurance adjuster believe you? Video your gear.

    Video your fishing tackle for insurance purposes.
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    Product review of The Rod Glove

    I don't work for them. Just do reviews as part of my fishing tips and tricks.
    Have a great year fishing. WillCFish <"{{{}}><
  19. Ice Fishing rescue tips for someone whose fallen through.

    Great information one of the bait shops posted.
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    This doe knew something was wrong.

    Have you had this happen to you? It's pretty cool to see but not what you want when hunting bucks.
  21. Time to plan and get permission to put in fish structure

    A good time to put out structure is late February.
  22. Pizza Crust Fish Batter with beer or milk.

    My son found we had forgot the flour on a fishing trip so he tried the pizza crust mix. Use with milk for a thicker mix.
    It is now a favorite.
  23. Revo Toro STX reel review and Fenwick Smallmouth Rod.

    My review of the rod and reel I won at the Easter Seals Contest that was donated by Pure Fishing. Thank You
  24. Would you pull a boat trailer with a flat tire?

    We passed these guys pulling this boat out of the woods and then here they come past the gas station we stopped at.
  25. Rod testing in the store isle is important.

    You can often see people testing rods in the sporting goods isles.
    There are some things you can look for.
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