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Places to get Minnows in Omaha area

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Ok, with fishing season finally getting "started". I'd like to start a list of places to get minnows in the Omaha metro area. I only know a few places, sometime they are quite a drive out of my way and the ones that are close are often out!

Not sure if a thread like this has been started, if not please add to the list, as I liked to know where some more places are nearby!

Places I know:

1.) Phillips 66 gas station at Hwy 370 and I-80. Has an actual bait tank, small minnows about $1.50/dozen, PLUS they dump and pour. No counting minnows! My favorite place to get minnows.\, but they are often out. Call before going, I have the # on speed dial......402-332-5571

2.) Cubbys gas station at 84th street and Hwy. 370. $3.60 for about 2-2.5 dozen simply comes in a clear bag with water in their refrigerator.

3.) Shell Gas Station off Hwy 75 at La Platte. Just before you cross the N. Platte heading to Plattsmouth. Same deal, clear baggie in there fridge.

3.) Anglers Supply. This place will be closing it doors within a months time, prolly not worth mentioning here.

4.) The bigger places. Canfields, Scheels, and Bass Pro all do live bait. I rarely buy minnows at these places, but seem to remember Bass Pro being expensive and Scheels being fairly reasonable.

Does Cabelas do live bait? I am not for sure.