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  1. Salt creek..

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    Can anyone give some points of access? I know of Catfish Run, and around 14th and Cornhusker. I'm interested in finding some other places where it is accessible. The closer to Omaha the better. May be one more fishing trip before school starts (I'm a teacher, not a student so please be nice ) in a couple of weeks.
    google maps satellite view will provide you with the information you are requesting.
  2. Walleye Time

    Walleye Time
    It’s been just over a month since we’ve seen Ice in this part of the country and I can honestly say I’m very glad to see it go. With the longer day light hours and wind we have had the water is warming up quick which has kicked the Walleye spawn into high gear. For most water’s the spawn is happening now or has already wrapped up across Nebraska, Kansas and South Dakota. Many will say that early spring is a tough time to catch a Walleye due to spawning habits and unpredictable ...
  3. Pre spawn walleyes

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    lol ya I posted then I decided to delete it due to the fact of how hard a keeper walleye is to come by around here these days!! He he !

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    Like this one?!

    Maybe if some of the bigger fish were released we would see more?

    Nice fish though, got a peep on em before ya took the pics down..
  4. Stocking stuffer ideas for your Angler

  5. Reflections

    It’s that time of year again when we all look back on what 2013 had in store for us. I’m sure for many people it was a year full of joy with new Babies (baby McGannon), weddings, great fishing and many life celebrations. While most everyone had to deal with some sort of less joy full experiences this past year albeit a lost of a loved one, loss of job or just a getting skunked while on your annual fishing trip. None the less we all experience good with the bad each year and it’s ...
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